Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video: Learn About Chrome OS & Chrome Web Store

The presenter on this video, courtesy of Marakana,  is Arne Roomann-Kurrik, a member of the Google Chrome team and sort of evangelist. The presentation starts with an overview of HTML5 features and then covers Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store. Timecodes of note:

14:00 - is an interesting experiment with Web Sockets.

16:00 - using geolocation features

19:00 What do we do with all this? Discussion of Web Apps:

tight focus
take advantage of big screen
rich experience - engage the user
visually stunning
fast - useful site for tracking availability of HTML5 features in browsers (including mobile)

Entanglement - HTML5 game at the Chrome Web Store demoed. Nice!

31:00 discussion about legacy browsers and also Chrome OS

36:00 Chrome OS does not support NPAPI, but does support Native Client SDK.

39:00 tweetdeck HTML5 App discussed

50:00 Best Practices for Web Apps

use analytics
interact with users / ask for and react to feedback
accessibility for all
offer free trial
single sign-on (OpenID)
simple on-boarding for new users
take advantage of big screen (reflow)
use in-app navigation (don't use brower navigation)
get your app noticed (multiple channels)

59:30 don't forget tools like Chrome Developer Tools Audit Panel

The Google Chrome CR-48 notebook was mentioned a few times. Evidently it's been more popular with IT departments than they expected because of the no-configuration benefits.

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