Monday, May 16, 2011

Videos: FogBugz and Kiln

In recent interviews I ran across FogBugz and wanted to note some useful videos about it on YouTube. It looks like a well integrated solution for software development groups and I especially like the use of Wikis for documentation having experimented with them in the past myself.

Kiln is the version control system built on Mercurial.

1 - Intro

2 - Wiki

3 - Projects

4 - Cases and Evidence Based Schedules

Interesting concept of using Monte Carlo simulations for predicting accuracy of schedule.

5 - Bug Tracking and Search

6 - Plugins

7 - Customer Support

8 - Release Notes

9 - Source Control

FogBugz and Kiln World Tour Talk by Joel Spolsky

In addition to showing off FogBugz, there is lots of discussion about Mercurial and distributed version control throughout.

A quick/fun video discussing distributed version control and Kiln in particular:

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